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  • Cleaning & Sterilization of Water Tank ( By a Licensed Water Service Plumber )

  • Submission , Relocation & Installation of PUB Meter ( By a Licensed Water Service Plumber )

  • Clearing of Choke ( Floor Trap , Basin , Toilet Bowl & Kitchen Water Pipes )

  • Re-piping & New Piping Work ( Stainless steel, Pvc & Copper pipe )

  • Water Heater (Storage / Instant)

  • Repair & Install all Type of Toilet Accessories

  • Repair & Replacement

  • Clearing of Choke ( Floor Trap , Basin , Toilet Bowl & Kitchen Water Pipes )

  • Sink  ( Clogged Sink Drain & Leaking Sink )

  • Kitchen  ( Clogged Kitchen Sink )

  • Shower ( Clogged Drains )

  • Basement Plumbing  ( Leaking Pipes & Slab Leak )

  • Water Leak Detection ( Leaky Concealed Pipes & Underground Pipes Leaking )

  • Faucet ( Repair, Replace & Install )

  • Sewer Line ( Repair, Replacement & Cleaning )

  • Convert Squat Pan to Sitting W.C pan

  • Bathroom & Toilet Renovation Revamp



Choked pipes or plumbing amenities are just as troublesome as leakage and our plumbers are qualified in applying their plumbing skills to help you repair clogged plumbing provisions such as toilet bowls, wash basins, water pipes, concealed pipes, floor traps, urinal bowls, main pipes and manholes. Plumbing replacements are also available for the previously mentioned installations.


If you encounter inconvenient leakage to your plumbing facilities such as sink tap, basin tap, mixer tap, toilet bowl, wash bowl, sink bowl, urinal bowl, flexible hose, bottle trap, bidet and WC flush system, we have the plumbing answers to these pressing problems with our repair and replacement services offered by our team of experienced and skilled plumbers.


Inspection and certification of water storage tanks : Any person responsible for the maintenance of any part of a water service installation having a water storage tank shall engage, at least once every 12 months, a licensed water service plumber to inspect, and where necessary to clean and disinfect, and certify the water storage tank.


We provide direct tiling services for small and large projects in HDBs, Condominiums as well as other properties. This includes direct wall and floor tiling works, as well as necessary waterproofing bathroom or balcony tiling works.

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